“Trust isn’t a given. It is something that must be earned.” - That is the motto we live by at Gokada.

The trusted team at Gokada now brings you GShop!


If you are a restaurant, Gshop will earn your trust by offering our services for free for the first month. At Gokada, we provide extensive training to our pilots to provide professionalism and efficiency. You can be sure that our pilots are prepped with the most optimized routes, equipped with the most state of the art gear, and educated in providing the best customer service experience.

We will also ensure that all individuals have the best experience possible using Gshop by training our pilots in maximizing their knowledge, time, efficiency, and priorities to bring the best delivery experience to our customers. Because the best judge of Gshop is you: our merchants and our customers. 

By leveraging Gshop’s user-friendly platform along with Gokada's massive network of Pilots, we ensure timely and safe delivery, help maintain the quality of food and provide a great experience for both restaurants and customers alike!






GShop connects you to a wide range of local restaurants and delivers your favorite dish to your doorstep!

1. Choose from diverse cuisines representing the heart of Lagos Food culture

2. Place your order through our interactive, customer-friendly website/mobile app

3. Get your order delivered in a safe and efficient manner with our network of trusted pilots