FAQs for Restaurants


1. We forgot an item for an order

If you forgot to add an item to the order and your assigned pilot lefts less than 5 minutes ago, you can contact the pilot to coordinate a return to the restaurant.

If the pilot agrees to return, you can call the customer to let them know their order will arrive later than expect. If the pilots does NOT agree to return and the customer contacts you about the missing item, ask them to contact in-app support about their missing item (s).

If you'd like more help with this process, you can call support at +234 904 437 5236 for assistance.

TIPS: We recommend you double check each order before handing it off to a delivery person. Since you're responsible for including all items ordered by the customer, we also recommend you seal the delivery bag and write the order number or staple the receipt on it.


2. We gave the wrong order to the pilot.

Reach out the pilot directly to coordinate returning the order to the restaurant. To do so:

1. Go to the "Order History" section of the Restaurant Dashboard

2. Find the list of all past orders, which will include the phone number of the pilot currently in route to your customer

3. Call the pilot at the phone number listed.


If you are unable to reach the pilot, you can:

1. Contact the customer directly using the 'contact the customer' option on Restaurant Dashboard. We recommend trying this first, especially if the customer had an allergy request or special instructions.

2. Contact the Gokada support team from the Restaurant Dashboard. We'll contact the customer directly and let them know to expect a delay due to the mix-up.


3. We had a payment issue with an order

If you were not paid or paid incorrectly for an order, please let us know how we can help. Please contact the Gokada Support team through your Restaurant Dashboad or over the phone +234 904 437 5236.


4. Can I adjust my order preparation time?

Adjust your average preparation times by logging into your Restaurant Dashboard or access the app:

1. Click on ‘Account’ in the left of your screen and then click on ‘Preferences’

2. Update your 'order preparation time' and click on ‘Save’


NOTE: Only select the minimum amount of extra time you need! We want to make sure food isn't sitting for too long before a delivery partner arrives.


5. How do I see past orders?

Through the Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Click on ‘Order’ in the left of your screen  

2. Select the status of orders you would like to see and click on ‘Search’


6. Can I add an order?

Through the Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Click on ‘Order’ in the left of your screen and then click on ‘Create Order’

2. Add the information about the client and order and click on ‘invoice’


7. What if the customer decided to self-pick up the order?

Order pickup allows the customer to order food at your online restaurant and pick them up at your restaurant. Order pickup is listed on the order page and should be ready by the time set up at the GShop Platform.

NOTE: The customer will pay for the order through GShop, so you don’t have to worry about collecting the payment. Everything you need to do is deliver the meal to the customer.


8. I forgot my username and/or password

Through the Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Click on 'Forgot my password’ 

2. Enter you username and click 'Reset Password'

You will receive an email with instructions to redefine your password in minutes.

NOTE: Your password is essential to access Gshop  - we recommend writing it down or storing it somewhere secure!


9. We want to update our address and phone number

Verify our account information in your Restaurant Dashboard:

1. select ‘account’ on the left side of your screen. 

2. Edit the fields you would like to update, then select "SAVE"


10. We want to update our service hours

Follow the steps below to change your restaurant phone number, address, and pickup instructions.

1, Select ‘account’ on the left side of your screen.

2. Click on ‘Preferences'

3. Edit “Date wise availability", “Time wise availability” and ‘scheduling time” to best suit your needs.

4. Make sure you click ‘Save’

11. Other account issues 

Please contact the Support team through the chat within the Gshop platform or over the phone +234 904 437 5236


12. We want to update an item

1. Go go 'Catalogue' 

2. Select the item you would like to update 

3. Edit the information you would like to update and click ‘Save’.


13. We want to edit the menu

Through the Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Click on ‘Catalogue’ and then click ‘Menu’ on the top right corner 

2. Select the menu you would like to edit. 

3. Edit the information and you like to change and click ‘Save’


14. Creating a menu

Through the Restaurant Dashboard:

1. Click on the ‘menu’, then click on ‘add your first menu’ 

2. Give a name to your menu, select the days of the week the menu will be available and add the time by clicking on the day of the week you would like to define the time. 

3. After adding the start time and end time you can click on the icon “+” to add it and then close it. 

4. Click on ‘next' and select the products you want to set up for your menu. You can always edit, disable, or delete your menu if you would like. If you want to add another menu, click on ‘create new” and do the procedure again.


15. Updating payment information

To update your payment information, contact our Support Team through the chat within the Gshop platform or over the phone +234 904 437 5236 


16. Issue with payment

Please contact our Support Team through the chat within the Gshop platform or over the phone +234 904 437 5236 


17. What is the Gshop fee?

0% until October 31, 2020, to experience Gshop and pay only 10% of your order size as commission fee from November 1, 2020.


18. Do we get paid for canceled orders or if the pilot does not arrive?

You will be paid for orders where you prepare the food. Even if the customer cancels or if an order never gets picked up by a pilot, as long as you've made the meal, you will still receive a payment for that order on your weekly payment summary.

Orders can also be canceled by the pilot or GShop in cases where the order cannot be fulfilled.

However, you will not be paid for unfulfilled orders when:

- Support confirms the order was not prepared (for reasons such as you ran out of an item or the order was too big).

- Your restaurant was closed when the pilot arrived (for reasons such as you closed early and forgot to turn off GShop app or online Platform, or your hours are wrong and need to be adjusted)


19. How do I become a GShop restaurant partner?

In order to become a GShop restaurant partner, you first need to sign up. Click here

Please note that signing up, you will receive an email from our support team providing terms and conditions. You will also be asked to send us your Certificate of Incorporation and bank details.


20. What does it cost?

Signing up before September 15, 0% until October 31, 2020, to experience Gshop and pay only 10% of your order size as commission fee from November 1, 2020. Consult terms and conditions.


21. What are the benefits of using GShop? 

People use Gokada to send or receive goods every day. Now they can use the Gsend platform to get food delivered to their doorstep. There are many ways that partnering with GShop could benefit your business:

- A potential new customer base will be able to discover, interact with, and order from your restaurant in a whole new way.

- We will be constantly advertising to help attract new users to GShop, and as a restaurant partner, your restaurant is visible to anyone using the GShop in your area.

- You also have the flexibility to choose how to use the GShop platform, letting customers order on the app or sharing your online restaurant link with your current customers, so it will be easier for them to place an online order.


22. What are the requirements to join GShop?

After submitting your application, you will be asked to add the following information:

  • CAC (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Restaurant name
  • Restaurant type (Physical restaurant / Cook from home)
  • Alternate contact number

 Click here to join GShop now!

 Our support team will review your application for the following requirements:

- Is your store within geography currently available on GShop?

- Is your store a licensed business that sells prepared food or essentials/convenience items?

- Is your bank details valid?

- Have you agreed to the terms and conditions?

Having everything in place, our support team will send you the GShop contract. After signing the contract, you will be ready to create your online restaurant.


If you have any questions, please call +234 904 437 5236 and talk to our support team.


23. What can I include in my menu?

When building your menu for GShop, please understand there are certain items that we are unable to sell on our platform. Unless specifically allowed in your contract with GShop, prohibited items include:

-CBD (any form), Marijuana (any form), Paraphernalia, Herbal Controlled Substances, Tobacco, OTC Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, Weapons, Fireworks, Aerosols, Endangered Species, Prohibited Foods, Healthcare Products, Seeds, Bulk Herbs, Nutritional Seeds, Baby Formula, Pet food, Flowers & Plants.


24. What menu information do I need to provide for Gshop?

Requirements when submitting your menu to GShop:

-A correct and up-to-date menu.

-Submitted menu items must be legible and cannot be handwritten. 

-You can include special instructions (items to be left off the menu, prices for add-ons, flavors, descriptions, etc.).

-Include menu Delivery hours.

-Item cannot be a prohibited menu item.


27. How do I add an additional location on Gshop?

In case you have more than one restaurant, it would be necessary to create an account for every restaurant.


28. I want to talk to someone over the phone, how do I reach Gokada?

You can always contact the Support team through the chat within Gshop, over the phone +234 904 437 5236 or email support@gokada.ng


29. How Gshop works 

1. A customer opens GShop, browses your menu, and places an order.

2. You accept the order through GShop

3. The customer tracks the order's progress through GShop.

4. You fulfill the order and hand it off to a GPilot.

5. The GPilot delivers your order to the customer.


30. Who handles the deliveries?

We access our large Gokada trained pilots to get food from your restaurant to your customer as quickly as possible.